Families complain of poor conditions of accommodation in the center of “People’s Power”


The more than 80 families living in the accommodation center created at the High School Strength of the People in District Municipal KaMavota, following the destruction of their homes by the rain which last week hit the Mozambican capital, have complained about the deplorable conditions that subject there.

Floods: Baby born on the roof of a house in Chokwé


A woman named Lourdes Mulhanga constitute gave birth to her second daughter, during despair (the baby in the picture).
Therefore, the birth took place on the roof of a residence in the 3rd district in Chokwé- Gaza Province, where she was a refugee, as the flood waters reached as just over six feet tall in that area.

Floods in Mozambique

At least 36 people died in floods in Mozambique which also resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of people since mid-January.
The devastating floods continued on Friday in the valleys of southern Mozambique. The government and several NGOs trying to organize to help the people affected by the floods.

Movement stopped on the bridge of Chicumbane

The movement of vehicles on the bridge located in downtown Chicumbane, National Highway Number 1, in Gaza province in southern Mozambique, has been interrupted since yesterday. This has been done as a security measure to prevent loss of life and property.

The bridge  the infrastructure has been submerged, with the risk of collapse due to the power of the water pressure from the Limpopo river.
As a result the road link between the northern, central and southern Mozambique has been cut.



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